Simms Energy e6 0.0.13

Simms Energy e6 0.0.13


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Simms Energy"s e6 System is an integrated suite of hardware and software for monitoring and controlling energy use in industrial, commercial and residential settings. The e6 App for iPad is used to configure hardware modules; present real-time and historical energy consumption data; and program lighting, HVAC and irrigation control settings.

Energy Monitoring
Using the e6 App for iPad, you can connect wirelessly to the Simms Energy e6 Electricity Monitor and the Simms Energy e6 Pulse Monitor which can measure the flow of Gas, Water or Alternative Energy (Wind/Solar). The Electricity Monitor can accommodate three-phase and single-phase electrical service (UL Maximum 600V (L-L), 300V (L-N)). It measures and displays cost, power (kW), volts, current, and power factor.
The Pulse Monitor can be calibrated to measure the flow of gas, oil, propane, water, or any other fluid. The Alternative Energy monitor interfaces with most grid tied inverters to report on energy production from small wind or PV solar installations.

The e6 system includes wireless environmental sensors that take readings of occupancy, light levels, temperature and humidity levels at user-defined intervals. The sensor readings can be used to trigger lighting scenes and climate control actions. Sensor readings can also be useful for analyzing energy consumption based on external conditions.

The e6 App for iPad provides real-time, mobile interaction with the Simms Energy e6 Control modules for Lighting, HVAC, and Irrigation. Using the e6 App for iPad, you can develop scripts for turning lights on and off based on time of day and occupancy status, and then test the script while you are walking through the affected space. Similarly, you can program and test climate control settings and irrigation zone controls untethered from your desktop PC or an embedded control mounted in a utility closet far from the scene.

The e6 App for iPad requires at least one Simms Energy e6 module (Monitor or Control) for full-fledged operation. In the absence of an e6 module, the e6 App for iPad will operate in demonstration mode using simulated data.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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